Glenn Mixon and Redeption trio
Glenn Mixon & Redemption is a group of ordinary people who love to tell others about their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Southern Gospel music is the medium they have chosen to take the message of the Cross, and the Redemptive power of the Blood Jesus shed there, to any venue that will open their doors to this anointed trio.

Thank you for visiting this site and be sure to take the time to check out each page while you are here. There are CD’s for purchase for those who love old-fashioned singing in the Southern Gospel style.

Check out the bio of each of the members of the group. See the upcoming schedule of dates and if you would like to invite this dynamic group to sing for your church or other function, check out the page for their contact information and book them today. Each member of the group will tell you that they sing for the King and not for personal glory or adoration. They do not “put on a show”; rather, they conduct a worship service to praise and honor God the Father, His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Take it from someone who has experienced it, these folks sing under an anointing presence of the Holy Spirit.

God bless you and have a wonderful rest of your visit!
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The Precious Lamb of Calvary.
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